Their standards for craftsmanship were above our own.

— Jason Heffron
Owner, Juice Homes

Who We Are

Construction is work you can feel in a handshake. Finish is the real proof, though.

Finish is more than pride, it's care and it’s craft.

It's the difference between clocking out and staying to make it better. We know how to build things the right way so that's how we build them.

What We Do

We just build it right every time and then let the work speak for itself.

C-Boys Heart & Soul
C-Boys Exterior
Clark's Oyster Bar
Clark's Exterior
Jeffrey's Interior
Josephione House
Josephine Interior
Sam Houston House
Sam Houston Exterior
Josephine Residence
Josephine Exterior
34th Street Residence
34th Street Interior

Let us get our hands dirty, 512-782-0207.

Burnish & Plumb Construction Co.
719 San Marcos Street
Austin, Texas 78702

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